• Jessica and I both delivered our first babies at Baby Love Birth Center in Cape Coral, Florida so when she told me she was pregnant earlier this year, I knew she was going to deliver there again. I was lucky enough to have my first birth photographed by another photographer friend of mine. I knew I wanted… [Continue Reading]

    Jessica’s FAST Water Birth │ Baby Love Birth Center
  • Baby Retail EcoBaby and Home 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 150 Naples, Florida 34109 (239) 596-2661 www.ecobabyandhome.com Birth Centers Baby Love Birth Center 3046 Del Prado Blvd S Suite 2E Cape Coral, Florida 33904 (239) 540-9010 www.waterbirthbaby.com Naples Birth Center 2930 Immokalee Rd.  Suite 2 Naples,  FL   34110 239-594-0400 www.naplesbirthcenter.com Birth Classes Birthing From Within Childbirth… [Continue Reading]

    Referrals │ Friends of Sacred Stories
  • Have you ever even heard of birth photography? Birth photography is such a moving experience for both the photographer and the viewer. We get photos of our wedding so we remember the happiness, all the immense preparation and the beauty of the day. We get photos of our births for almost the exact same reasons.… [Continue Reading]

    Tori’s Home Birth in Fort Myers
  • Here at Sacred Stories Birth Photography we are big on bonding moments. Birth is absolutely full of them: mom gripping dad’s hand through a contraction, the first time the new baby locks eyes with mom, dad’s first time holding his newest child among many others! We catch all of these as they are happening and it… [Continue Reading]

    Newborn Herbal Baths │ Cape Coral Birth Photographers